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Media and audiophile furniture give perfect opportunities to declutter and organize your rooms. Yes, rooms! Who said TV station or custom media furniture is meant only for living rooms? Here are six uncommon ways you can use entertainment or audiophile furniture, consoles, or an entertainment center.   Custom Audiophile Furniture | SoundWhere USA

Play Kitchen Entertainment Center

Can you tell us a better gift for a three-year-old? Preschoolers love to play pretend. It is good for their cognitive development. A kitchen cabinet for your child is a great way to repurpose an old media cabinet. If you have one that is not too big, it may be just the right for your preschooler. All you have to do is make a hole for the sink, repaint the cabinet with a striking color, and add curtains as the perfect finishing touch. If you want a step by step guide, Erin has a fantastic tutorial for you on her blog Sutton Grace.

DIY Cat Hotel

Do your furry friends need a refuge? Or maybe you run an animal shelter and you want your furry friends to live in peace? Then a DIY cat hotel is a brilliant way to deal with it using outdated custom media furniture. Paint the cabinet with a beautiful color, throw in comfortable rugs as a base for each section. You could also hang mini-hammocks to let your furry friend play or sleep in them. Just remove the doors and keep it open. Once you do it, you will see an instant reaction. This DIY cat cabinet keeps your cats feeling happy, safe, and comfortable.

Dress Up Princess Station

This is one inexpensive and the most uncommon way to use media furniture. Do you or your loved ones have a little child who loves to play dress up and you see clothes and jewelry strewn all over their room? You can repurpose an old and large media entertainment center as a dress-up station for your little ones. It works as perfect storage and using it will clear clutter and keep the rooms looking clean and tidy. The little trinkets can be stored away in the drawers. You can remove the cabinet doors so the hung clothes can be seen. Go a step ahead and use decorative storage bins for scarves and other treasures. Raising Up Stones has fantastic suggestions to convert media furniture into a dress up princess station.

Craft Hut Storage Unit

Do you run an Etsy account? A person with a craft and DIY business or even someone with a high interest in crafting will have all kinds of materials and inventory. You can have them strewn about with small children in the house. You need a proper storage space that not only looks good in the room, but one that also has clever storage options. You first clear out the cabinet, repaint it and add things such as office organizer bins, baskets, magnetic holders, and picture holders. There is a lot you can do in the larger spaces that media furniture offers inside the cabinets. Delightfully Noted Blog gives you more ideas to turn your TV cabinet into a storage unit for your personal or business supplies.

Aviary for Birds

An aviary is a large enclosure for birds. It is a great way to increase the quality of life of your pet birds. It is an almost-natural looking area if you innovate. The best aviaries are those steel metal cages planted in the backyard. With today’s real estate prices, you may not have the luxury of a backyard so, converting an entertainment center into an indoor aviary for your birds may be the best solution. Besides, a large aviary offers the much-needed space for your pet parrot to move around or add more little birds to this space. Keeping the basic framework of the TV station, replace the doors and sides with ¼-inch mesh. The Empress Of Creativity has a fab looking DIY aviary you need to see!

Reinvented Work Station

One of the most intriguing makeovers you can give to media furniture, like an entertainment center, is to repurpose it as a work station. You may have to tweak it a little bit. For instance, you will need an extension for a base so when you sit down to work at your computer, your knees won’t knock on the cabinet doors. You also need a shorter or taller chair to match the height of the furniture. You can build a storage plank at the top to keep your office supplies, books, and other essentials. Remember, an organized workstation is clear of clutter, helps you focused on your tasks, and increases productivity.

Your media furniture, whether old or brand new, has a lot of storage potential. Are you ready to customize it?