Not Seeing is Believing: Audiophile Furniture is Quickly Becoming the New Standard

Sound was never meant to be seen. Learn how audiophile furniture is changing how we design our spaces, enjoy simple pleasures and come together as professionals and spectators to create unique pieces of art that please the senses.

What is Audiophile Furniture?

SOUNDWHERE is proud to be a leading company in the audiophile furniture revolution that’s sweeping living rooms, waiting rooms, and the audio world. The company assists in the manufacturing process of individual pieces of furniture that are then equipped with their patented hidden sound system.

The idea is simple. Imagine an entertainment center without traditional audio racks. It’s made from a high quality, majestic wood with a stunning and sophisticated finish. It strongly supports a top of the line television, surrounded by priceless framed family memories and tasteful décor pieces. When the television is turned on, the emitted sound is crisp, clear and sounds as if there’s a speaker right next to your ear.

But there are no speakers. None in view at least. SOUNDWHERE caters to the wants and needs of audiophiles, or people who are enthusiastic and dedicated to the production and playback of high-end audio. And because all of their products are unique and custom-built, there are a variety of combinations when it comes to playback equipment, including turntables, equalization devices, preamplifiers and amplifiers, subwoofers, headphones, and entire-room treatments.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this technology is only for celebrities or the wealthy. There’s an audiophile solution for you in your budget. SOUNDWHERE works with residential and commercial customers around the globe, making audio dreams a reality.

What are the Benefits of Audiophile Furniture?

One of the most obvious benefits of audiophile furniture is that the speakers and playback equipment are completely hidden. They leave behind a seamless and clutter-free presentation that’s incredibly visually appealing. But to the true sound enthusiasts out there, there are many more important benefits that come with investing in audiophile furniture.

For years, sound technology seemed to plateau with basic speakers. While there were advancements in the speakers themselves, the basic appearance and required room layouts remained the same. And to no surprise, there were problems with these common placements that led to people wanting more.

For example, a speaker simply placed on the floor or in the corner of a room would produce an uncomfortable and overpowering bass. Mids and highs were depressed, leading to a very poor sound quality and probably some upset neighbors as well.

If speakers were placed against the wall, perhaps next to an entertainment center, the bass would become exaggerated and the mid and high range sounds muffled. Even if you had a room layout that would allow you to keep speakers away from walls and corners, being too close to the floor would still result in unnatural bass tones and uneven ranges of sound.

With the introduction of speaker stands that were made to hold the equipment steady and finally above ground, an even and smooth bass was finally produced. Overall, the sound quality was superb and customers were happy. But there needed to be room for these stands, which often limited room layouts and open space.

This all ties back to visual preferences. If the sound quality is the same (if not better) from speakers that remain hidden, senses overall are pleased. There’s no visual distraction from the sound. Instead, listeners are able to dedicate all of their energy to listening and appreciating the playback.

Additional Benefits

A few other benefits of keeping speakers out of sight include:

  • Less worry: There’s no need to worry about dust, spilled drinks, or other disasters shortening the life of your speakers. Not only are they hidden but they’re well-protected. Should the unthinkable happen and a theft in your home does occur, your speakers will still be safe.
  • More room: Early speaker models sometimes meant that you had to give up décor or even more necessary items on your display piece just so that the speakers had enough room. Many audiophile furniture models feature speakers hidden within added shelves or display areas. This helps to create more storage space without taking up any of it, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Appearances count: If you have audiophile furniture installed in your business, this can certainly help your reputation, especially if you are in any type of audio or technology-based business. If you want to be known as the best, you should have the best!

The list of benefits continues on a more personal level for each person who experiences audiophile furniture. If you’ve ever had an issue with traditional speakers and their placement before, they’re sure to disappear with audiophile furniture. When you combine the elegance of the custom furniture with the quality of the sound coming from the speakers, you’ll be absolutely blown away.

How Can I Get My Own Audiophile Furniture?

SOUNDWHERE has a team of technicians that work in tandem with artists, including interior designers, manufacturers and carpenters, to create your perfect piece of audiophile furniture.

Everything is custom, from the materials used to the style, shape, and measurements. Whether you’re looking for a seamless entertainment center, a complete wall of built-ins, a coffee table, or anything that you can dream up, SOUNDWHERE and its partners can help you hear like you’ve always wanted to.

If you want to learn more about SOUNDWHERE speakers, visit to see their portfolio and learn about their captivating presentations. You don’t need to settle for small speakers that don’t take away visually but disappoint the ears. You also can say goodbye to large, cumbersome speakers that sound great but serve as an eyesore.

Whether you’re watching the newest blockbuster, your favorite game show, or just listening to the latest music, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of your speakers. Stop seeing sound first and allow your senses to hear sound as it was intended to be – crisp, clear, and without boundaries.

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