Custom Media Furniture and Decor | SoundWhere

Walt Disney once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” When it comes to picking the perfect furniture for your home it begins and ends with choosing the right decor to accentuate your media furniture.

Whether you would like a simple decor theme or an extravagant ambiance, there are thousands of ways to make your audio furniture and space one of a kind. You can choose to buy or find a fun DIY (do it yourself) project or you can pull together various items to achieve your vision. Let’s take a look at some decor ideas to give your space your very own touch. 


Candles add warmth and comforting tones to any decor. Choose candles in varying sizes, colors, and styles to bring texture to your space. From big and small to shiny and plain, candles help give your space traction and center. You can also choose to make your own candles. By doing this you are able to customize the colors of your candles and develop the unique designs you want for your space such as initials and family crests. Begin by sketching or stenciling on your candles and then add colors according to your preference. Consider adding string and beads for an elegant look if you candles will not be burned.

Rope Balls

Purchase hemp rope and make decorative rope balls. Rope balls bring texture and dimension to your space. When making your own rope balls you give yourself more flexibility in the design and style of your balls. Choose color, size, weight, thickness and other characteristics of the balls to ensure they fit your space.

Affordable alternatives to pre-made balls is to use plastic or paper as the foundation of your ball. Begin wrapping the rope around the plastic and paper to form a ball of any size. Glue your rope in place and add other complimentary decorations.

Picture Frames

Picture frames and canvases are some of the most versatile ways to add decor to your media furniture. With framed images you can also explore a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Several sizes and styles provide a very eclectic look that warms up your space. A decorator tip is to search for picture frames everywhere for the best effect. Consider shopping at your local second hand store as well as a major home decor retailer. 


Making your own baskets prove to be a bit of a challenge and time-consuming but the effort is well worth the result. You can also scour your local thrift stores where most have a huge variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from. These are great for also adding storage to your space. Holding items such as DVD’s or remotes, your baskets can organize your space and keep things from being scattered on the floor in your space.  


Lamps are excellent ideas if you need to bring light to your space. They are especially useful for rooms that lack natural light. If your space is small choose a table lamp to ensure you protect the room in your space. If your space is large you may consider a floor lamp. Lamps keep your space neutral or make it crazy and fun. A well chosen lamp is simply the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to room decor. 


A plant is a great addition to add life and vibrance. Some plants are even natural air filters.  As you search for a plant for your space remember the many options you have. From faux grass to exotic hydrangeas a plant can transform your space quickly. Use a simple vase or make your own out of odd pieces or containers you find around your home. 


A small bundle of books is a great home decor piece for any quality media furniture. Books add a wise aesthetic value to a room that is both timeless and endearing. If you prefer a rustic look choose older books. For a modern look choose glossy self-help books. 


Do you pick up little things here and there but never know what to do with them? Are you often given gifts that feature golf balls or airplanes? Your media furniture is the perfect place to display some of these items. No matter the size or shape you can find ways to arrange the trinkets your family gives tastefully. 

There are many ideas on what to put on your media furniture as part of your decor. Get inspired by sorting through targeted Pinterest boards or simply do a Google image search for inspiration. You can also consult one of our experienced furniture designers for custom design insights.