Media Furniture in Theatre Room | SoundWhere

Media furniture conceals audio equipment inside a compact and attractive storage area. This includes things like entertainment centers, bookshelves, sofa tables, and other furniture pieces. The purpose of media furniture is to house high-quality sound equipment that delivers theater-quality sound.

Media furniture also has the ability to hide the audio equipment in the room which protects the aesthetics of your space. Each piece has a purpose to best serve you and functionality features that make it special. Knowing your options can help you design and find the best piece for your space and needs.


Every couple of years families find themselves replacing audio equipment. Most often the equipment will have worn speakers and cords. This is due to everyday wear and tear from daily use. Having a media furniture piece installed in your home has an answer to this. One of the main purposes of the furniture is to hide the audio equipment while still being able to hear it. Hiding of all the equipment guarantees all speakers and cords are not exposed to any damage that often occurs.

This damage and wear happens when speakers get bumped and knocked over or cords pulled. If cords are not hidden, tripping over them or ripping the cords from the wall is often a problem.  These problems arise even more so in homes that have children and pets. Another problem that occurs is gathering dust and other unexpected elements. Sometimes a thick layer of dust will accumulate in areas that are often overlooked. The settling dust causes damage to an exposed speaker and affects sound quality. The dust builds against the cover causing dust to block sound. Media furniture protects speakers and keeps dust at bay.

Other elements are also a problem that comes with audio equipment that is not housed in media furniture. Exposure to heat, cold, and water damage are all problems that may occur. Having your equipment secured in your media furniture keeps your equipment protected from elements. This is particularly useful for media furniture located outside on a deck or poolside.


Another thing to consider for your media furniture is adding additional storage for your space.  You can choose or create furniture that personally fits any of your needs featuring various storage options such as shelves or drawers. Strategic media furniture also gives you the option of having hidden compartments that can house remote controls and replacement batteries. Extra storage gives you the flexibility to house audio equipment, DVDs, media CDs, cords, and more.

With each uniquely designed piece of media furniture you can also consider custom storage options. These options help to house different pieces of audio equipment that you may have, as noted above.

As you consider the storage capabilities of your furniture also consider other ways to use media furniture in your space. For example, if your family room doubles as a living space and game room, you may consider adding media furniture that protects  and stores your gaming consoles and controllers. In this room you may have an additional piece of media furniture that holds your printer and fax machine.


As you begin to think about a piece of furniture you would like for your home, it is best to have an idea in mind. Having a certain style or design in mind will be the first step to make any piece you choose fit well. It also helps add visual value to your space. With SoundWhere you have the options of having each piece of the media furniture designed to meet your preferences and audio equipment needs. Our pieces are hand-detailed and crafted. Additionally, with the built-in speakers you will save space and not impact the aesthetics of your space.


While considering safety, aesthetics, and storage are important factors when choosing to add any type of media furniture, so is functionality. Determining what type of cabinets you need is just as important as understanding the type of audio equipment you will be storing. Things you will need to consider include range, balance, and size of the audio equipment itself. An experienced audio technician can help you identify which speakers and equipment will work best for your space.

Media furniture is a simple way to protect the aesthetics of your room as well as your audio equipment. When chosen with purpose and consideration, it can save you money as it works to protect your equipment as well as offer useful storage. For information and design tips consult one of our design specialists.