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Deciding to add modern speakers to your home theatre to boost the sound quality of your space is always a good idea. However, choosing the right speakers can be a chore. Setting up a surround system and audiophile furniture in your home is no easy feat.

For the best viewing and listening experience, putting extra effort into hiding your speakers is crucial. You also must understand proper speaker placement. In this post we cover what to consider when adding speakers to your space and how to preserve the aesthetics of your room. Check out our article here for proper speaker placementHere are top reasons to conceal your speakers while protecting the integrity of your sound.

Speakers compromise room aesthetics.

Most modern speakers are sleek and minimal in design and concept. However, if your speakers are the main focal point of your space then you need to find a way to hide them. This can be a challenge because concealing speakers often impacts sound quality. Furthermore, if you’ve already made a considerable investment into your room’s aesthetics and decor, cathedral-sized speakers or those attached to the wall are an eyesore. When looking to bring speakers into your space consider how you plan to position them and where. 

Speaker wires double as chew toys.

Speaker wires spread across the floor are dangerous and can pose as a health hazard to young children and pets. Investing more effort in your speaker wire management is the only logical approach. Teething babies or pets may chew on the wires which increases their chances of ingesting something unhealthy and being electrocuted. Other health and safety concerns surrounding untamed speaker wires include dangling wires posing as choking and tripping hazards. Consider highly functional AV media cabinets to help keep your speaker wires out of sight. 

They are inconsistent with your venue.

Big speakers overwhelm small spaces. Likewise, speakers with high sensitivity do not work well in small spaces and vice-versa. The complexity of getting the best sound from your speakers requires that you plan and place your speakers well. Avoid compromising the sound of your modern speakers and research the best types of speakers for your venue. Once you identify the best speakers, think of creative ways to help them blend into the venue such as hanging them from the ceiling in a concert hall or using them as book ends in a classroom. 

Your entertainment center may distort the sound.

Most modern speakers are built into a casing. This casing protects the speakers from dust and damage. It is also specifically designed to enhance the speakers performance. When you place your speakers in your audiophile furniture you create an obstacle course for the sound to travel through. In some cases the entertainment center can distort, muffle, or change the sound of your speakers. This impacts the sound quality as well as the range. When choosing your modern speakers consider how you plan to add them to your space. Think about the various functional audio furniture available and which designs compliment your space the best. 

Research to determine which speakers are right for you. 

With the world-wide web at your fingertips, researching the best speakers for your space is simple, fast, and convenient. Subscribe to a few audio blogs, join forums, and check reviews before you decide on the speakers for your home theater (or any other) space. Ask questions about range, projection, and placement before making any final decisions. As you research the best speakers for your space, also consider the best media furniture and how you plan to incorporate your speakers into your space. 

Your speakers need a certain degree of space and air to deliver the best sound quality. Do you have a small apartment or space constraints that force you to stack your things in front of your speakers? You can get creative and hide your speakers within your sofa, your chair, the inside walls, and even picture frames. 

At SoundWhere, we build modern speakers into custom furniture to ensure you do not need to compromise your space or sound quality. If you need more insights into the best types of speakers for your space, contact us! Our technicians can shed light on the types of speakers to use for your space as well as offer options that conceal wires, protect the sound, and fit into your decor.