SOUNDWHERE has an enthusiastic group of energetic technicians who partner with impassioned creative artisans. These technicians and artisans all work tirelessly! Their mission? To develop home and commercial theatre furniture products that soothe the vision of audiophiles across the world. Always at the forefront, we look ahead and continue to expand our team with collaborators who have the ability to produce and grow that vision.

home theatre furniture collaborationBecome part of our team and work with us to develop distinctive furniture pieces, each with unique hidden sound components that are heard – but not seen.

With you, in collaboration, we can evolve our collective creative ideas.

SOUNDWHERE invites innovative professionals in all related fields to join us and fulfill our vision! We look for high-end interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, and audio visual consultants.

We are launching a new style of messaging components to our own industry partners willing and able to engage in the most cutting-edge branding possible. Our strategy is simple. We wish to partner our patented sound/design engineering with alliances in related industries. From interior designers to manufacturers, the combination of efforts will no doubt produce inspired pieces for our clients.

Attention Representatives, Furniture Showrooms, and Audio Consultants!

Represent the best! SOUNDWHERE invites you on a special journey to become a liaison. Connect with your clients who seek a unique combination of form and function.

We are dedicated to manufacturing furniture designed to your customer’s individual specifications – with an unusual twist. We incorporate a patented unique hidden sound system that is heard – but not seen. No two pieces are alike. Unlimited in scope, our team develops sound-design solutions for your residential, commercial, and even marine clients.

Our plan pairs the finest components and materials. Selecting from a multitude of woods sourced globally, and then turning them into unique traditional or contemporary designed pieces. Hidden from view, we incorporate a stealthily-placed sound system providing unmatched audio, compliments of our patented Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly.

Get in on the ground floor! Share this seamless marriage of high-end sound and sophisticated style. Contact our regional dealer at Manufacturing by Skema, Inc. to arrange an appointment. Let’s see what we can create for your clients!