Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly

audio furniture speaker system

SoundWhere’s details and specifications are sure to fascinate, putting you on the path to becoming a true audio furniture enthusiast. The following is an outlined and precise, detailed description of the components SOUNDWHERE uses to generate such beautiful sound emanating from an even more exquisite source. Contact us at Skema, Inc. to find out about our audio furniture and what we can do for you.

Patent number: 8411892
Inventors: Norberto Grundland, Evenecer Garcia

Specifications: SOUNDWHERE™ Speaker System

The system is multi-component high quality with three channels, three ways per channel, plus active Sub-woofer. Housed inside the Linear Phase Plug Assembly are the mid-range and high-frequency speakers. Each piece of audio furniture manufactured is comprised of these system components, detailed below.

Per channel Configuration:

  • One high-power tweeter dedicated to high frequencies.
  • Four 2” speakers and two 3” speakers dedicated to mid-range frequencies.
  • One 5½” woofer dedicated to mid-bass frequencies.


  • One 12” speaker and sub-amplifier dedicated to low frequencies.

Other Specifications:

  • Passive three-way crossovers, with mid-bass attenuation – 6 dB/octave slope.
  • System frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz.
  • Long-term, per channel power handling: 100 watts (8 ohms).
  • Impedance per channel, nominal: 8 ohms.
  • Sub-woofer: 275 watts.
  • Sub-woofer amplifier: 500 watts.

Note: Components and configuration may be adjusted to accommodate functional and aesthetic design requirements.