I met Mr. Grundland when my designer brought him to my home to talk about custom built ins and a media center. Right away I was impressed by his visions for my space. It was a big project, an entire room, including the walls with beautiful pocket doors, marble walls in the living room hosting an 80 inch TV and built in cabinetry, a bar with an under lit onyx counter and back lit onyx back wall, just to mention some of it. He explained to me a speaker system he had developed that he felt would be perfect to incorporate. Since everything had already been budgeted out, I told him that I would need to pass on the speaker proposal. Mr. Grundland contacted me a few days later and asked me to reconsider, as he felt that his audio system would incorporate perfectly into the design and deliver the best sound quality. I begrudgingly agreed to move forward with his suggestion. Now, two years later, I am so thankful that he pushed me to do it. The sound is phenomenal, and the design is gorgeous. Whenever I have people over watching TV, I am always asked where the sound is coming from, and everyone is always surprised how hidden the speakers are and the fullness of the sound system. Saying yes to this sound system was best choice I could have made.

Jeff Olefson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida