I have spent years searching for the proper balance of high quality audio while maintaining a neat, organized, professional look.  It always seems that you either get small insufficient speakers that can fit neatly within small crevices, or you find large high quality speakers that are very cumbersome and have seemingly miles of cables running every which way.  I thought this was an unsolvable problem until I recently saw a presentation of SOUNDWHERE speakers.

I was shown a beautifully built wood entertainment center.  I was amazed at the craftsmanship and clean cuts that brought elegance to the room.  While I was astonished at the look of the system, the real surprise came when the presentation began.  Suddenly robust sounds began penetrating the wood.  There were no seen speakers, no sound holes, no concentrated area of noise, but rather a vast piece of furniture making one complete sound.  There was a clear stereo sound that made me truly wonder where the sound was coming from.

In seeing the compact SOUNDWHERE speakers, I was blown away that such a small system could produce such a large, full, well-balanced sound.  The wood seems to naturally reverberate with the sound waves in order to be the perfect vessel in which to deliver the experience.  Having an elegant piece of furniture that, in turn, is used as an incredible entertainment system with clean, crisp, sound minus the mess of normal speakers is simply priceless.

I have dealt with sound equipment for years, and I understand the battle of finding a truly well balanced speaker.  One that that is not overpowered by highs or lows, but that truly illuminates the spectrum of sound provided.  This is what SOUNDWHERE speakers accomplish.  The quality of sound, combined with the elegance of the piece in which the speaker is concealed, makes this an obvious purchase for someone who is in the market for a high quality entertainment system.

Mark Burkholder
Creative Arts Director