SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture

SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture is a company that produces and distributes media furniture integrated with sound system speakers registered and patented. They are experts at manufacturing impeccable pieces with pre-established measurements with specially-selected high-end materials, where sound systems incorporations are its most remarkable feature. SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture presents an original concept, detail, quality, and technology where you can find music and comfort.


Our goal is to develop the best aesthetically-tailored sound source integrated pieces of furniture to customize your place. Presenting a new concept, with years of experience in designing and installing furniture, to create furnishings and environments using the highest quality components, and the best registered and patented technology. Thus, we soothe the senses of sound connoisseurs and design enthusiasts across the globe with our home amenities, where you can find comfort, tranquility, and marvelous sound experiences without even noticing.



is the result of two brilliant minds with a shared commitment. It is a commitment to finding a resolution to a complex impasse, merging functionality and aesthetics. It is a commitment to creating furniture to harmonize houses with high-end entertainment by means of registered and patented technology.

Twenty years ago, Evenecer Garcia and Norberto Grundland developed and created the idea of enterprise that is presented nowadays. They design a new concept of furniture and technology, where you can discover marvelous furnishing incorporated with high-quality and patented sound systems.

Evenecer Garcia became interested in music at an early age. His interest morphed into a passion. He learned to play drums and became an integral part of a musical group. Some music became top hits in his native Venezuela.

Evenecer graduated from Full Sail University. He advanced to recording engineer with studio and sound reinforcement experience. Following this, he had the opportunity to record many soundtracks, both as a drummer and as a sound engineer. He was also part of an ensemble corroborating and supporting an internationally-renowned vocalist. The chance to collaborate with Norberto presented itself after he arrived in the United States.

The result of years of hard work is a consolidated business located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that also has shipping all around the country and international exportations. SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture provides the best sets of furniture with incredible sound systems, design, and installation to offer cozy and relaxing environments when music becomes the main axis of its concept.