Represent the best! SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture invites you on a special journey to become part of our team. Connect with your clients who seek a unique combination of comfort and technology.

We are dedicated to manufacturing furniture with pre-established designs to fulfill customers’ individual desires. We incorporate a patented unique hidden sound system that is heard (but not seen), and unlimited in scope, our team develops sound-design solutions for your residential, commercial, and even marine clients.

Our furniture pairs the finest components and materials. Selecting from a multitude of woods sourced globally, and then turning them into unique traditional or contemporary designed pieces. Hidden from view, we incorporate a stealthily-placed sound system providing unmatched audio, supplied by the highly qualified industry Boca Tech and Automation.

Get in on the ground floor! Share this seamless marriage of high-end sound and sophisticated style. Contact us if you are interested in buying or being representatives all around the country. Let’s see how we can satisfy our clients’ necessities with the best commodities.

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Boca Tech and Automation

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