Our Product

SOUNDWHERE merges state-of-the-art engineering to smoothly integrate hidden sound technology into original audiophile furniture designs. The end goal? Make each beautiful furniture piece into something designed to accommodate any parameter of space, in any room, whether a business or home. Every piece of furniture is individually tailored to the client’s specific request. They’re based on their individual input and combined it with our expertise. The result – custom furniture design with an audio system boasting the highest performance. We create your solution, unlimited in scope with the latest technology available. Our team then develops speaker solutions whether it’s for residential, commercial, or marine applications. We create for living areas, family entertainment rooms, or offices. Stunning home décor emanates better sound, made to please. To the point, SOUNDWHERE provides visually beautiful results and quality audio for your every need.

“Sound that can be heard . . . but not seen.”

A blend of aesthetics and practicality in design — exquisite furniture with the purpose of housing audio-visual technology creates the seamless marriage of high-end sound and sophisticated style. The perfectly-placed speaker system is flawlessly hidden from view yet provides unsurpassed sound due to the patented Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly.

Each exclusively-developed piece of furniture is created with precise detail from top to bottom, in partnership with Manufacturing by Skema,Inc. Always keeping the beauty and function of the product in mind, there are no two alike. Uniquely its own, each design is built by hand with superior craftsmanship in its construction, from concept to the last detail.

Whether you are looking for media furniture, home theater furniture or audio furniture, contact Manufacturing by Skema, Inc., our regional dealer, to arrange an appointment and see what we can create for you!

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