SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture has an enthusiastic group of energetic technicians and collaborators who partner with creative artisans. This team all work tirelessly to develop home and commercial furniture products that soothe the vision of our clients across the world. Always focused on accomplishing our mission, we look ahead to continue expanding our team with collaborators who have the ability to produce and grow that vision.

Norberto Grundland

Co-founded SoundWhere Inc.

Norberto Grundland was born in Argentina and raised in Italy. He earned a degree in architecture at a prestigious university. Having the opportunity to live in many countries, he subsequently settled in the United States in the early 1980s.

In 1988, he co-founded Manufacturing by Skema, Inc. The company, located in Davie, Florida designs and manufactures handcrafted furniture. Its specialty is high-end custom cabinetry for residential and commercial applications.

Twenty years ago, Norberto had the opportunity to develop the idea of SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture working conjointly with Evenecer Garcia. They dedicated full-time to designing this up-to-date concept of furniture.

Nowadays, Norberto continues working on designing and creating marvelous and incredibly comforting furniture that includes Evenecer ideas of technology and high-quality sound speakers to bring the best to their client’s homes.

Evenecer Garcia

Co-founded SoundWhere Inc.

Evenecer Garcia became interested in music at an early age. His interest morphed into a passion. He learned to play drums and became an integral part of a musical group. Some music became top hits in his native Venezuela.

Evenecer graduated from Full Sail University. He advanced to recording engineer with studio and sound reinforcement experience. Following this, he had the opportunity to record many soundtracks, both as a drummer and as a sound engineer. He was also part of an ensemble corroborating and supporting an internationally-renowned vocalist. The chance to collaborate with Norberto presented itself after he arrived in the United States.

Hand-in-hand with Norberto they built their enterprise of first-class furniture with pre-established measurements and sound systems incorporated. They have been dedicated to their business for years and have achieved national and international recognition, and they are still looking forward to positioning as a company that provides high-quality furniture and technology.

Alexander Grundland

Chief Operating Officer

Alexander Grundland, who graduated from the Warrington College of Business of the University of Florida, is the current office manager at Manufacturing by Skema. He is located in the principal offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he is the principal shop manager in charge of the operation, coordination, and management of nine employees.

Alexander has always stood out for his responsibility and coordination abilities in the enterprise. He has been outstanding in fulfilling his tasks and communicating with the employees, who have shown easiness and success working under his leadership. Due to that, he has become fundamental for the development of the company and the engagement and communication with customers.

Under his leadership skills, responsibility, teamwork, knowledge of marketing and sales, and customer service abilities; he has made a great contribution to the consolidation of the company and the development of a positive work environment. Thanks to his efforts, the enterprise has accomplished many of its objectives, and all this hard work shows the commitment around fulfill customer expectations and the enterprise's vision.