SoundWhere began when . . .

Customers were supplying high-end, stand-alone speakers requesting that they be hidden into their TV and media center furniture. As a result, the speakers’ performance was greatly hindered by the “Box within a Box” effect. Additionally, the use of grills or speaker cloth compromised the media furniture’s appearance and functionality. SoundWhere became the answer to this dilemma with its innovative media furniture.

Sound . . . Elegance . . . Mystery. SoundWhere Media Furniture, through our patented technology, combines these elements to deliver solutions to a complex impasse. It’s a blend of aesthetics and practicality in the design of beautiful media room furniture. The purpose is to house invisible Hi-Fi AV technology.

“Sound that can be Heard . . . but not Seen.”

The pursuit of an answer to integrating sound and aesthetics gave birth to the SoundWhere Media Furniture brand. Our patented design allows hidden audiophile-quality speakers placed strategically within the most beautiful pleasing structural elements.

What makes SoundWhere products different? It’s the seamless marriage of high-end sound and sophisticated style. The stealthily-placed speaker system is artfully hidden from view yet provides unmatched audio due to the patented Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly. Masterpieces for the discerning audiophile, home theater, or Hi-Fi enthusiast, our custom AV furniture designs perform!

home theater furniture

Media Room Furniture by SoundWhere®

Where are the Speakers?

I met Mr. Grundland when my designer brought him to my home to talk about custom built ins and a media center. Right away I was impressed by his visions for my space. It was a big project, an entire room, including the walls with beautiful pocket doors, marble walls ...


Jeff Olefson
Where are the speakers? Coupled with a pair of satellite speakers for a true surround sound experience. Very good imaging of the left, center and right channel. A full complement of tweeters, midrange and subwoofers that  covers  the full range of sound. The center channel is directed to listener so dialogue is coherent and ...


Danny Suarez
My professional relationship with Mr. Grundland and his staff goes back to 1989. We have collaborated together in many large architectural projects in Guatemala and throughout Central America. Thanks to the creativity of his designs and the introduction of SOUNDWHERE, customers are amazed by the craftsmanship of the hidden technology ...


Ricardo Wer Asturias
I have spent years searching for the proper balance of high quality audio while maintaining a neat, organized, professional look.  It always seems that you either get small insufficient speakers that can fit neatly within small crevices, or you find large high quality speakers that are very cumbersome and have ...


Mark Burkholder