Sophisticate & Luxury Home Theater

SoundWhere Audiovisual Furniture delivers spectacular pre-established designs, remarkable for their patented sound system technology. It’s a blend of aesthetics and practicality in the design of beautiful media room furniture. The purpose is to house invisible Hi-Fi AV technology.

Sound Where - Sophisticate & Luxury Home Theater

We create, produce, and distribute high-quality furniture to stylize environments using the highest quality components. Thus, we soothe the senses of sound connoisseurs and design enthusiasts across the globe with our home theater furniture and businesses alike.

Our Products

We have pre-designed high-quality products that include patented and certified sound technology to improve and optimize the spaces in your home, office, etc. You can take a look!


This enterprise has an enthusiastic group of energetic leaders, technicians, and collaborators who partner with creative artisans. This team all work tirelessly to develop home and commercial furniture products that nourish and fulfill the vision of our clients across the world. Always focused on accomplishing our mission, we look ahead to continue expanding our team with collaborators who have the ability to produce and grow together.

Audiovisual Furniture Speaker System Specifications

SoundWhere’s details and specifications are sure to fascinate you, putting you on the path to becoming a true audio furniture enthusiast. Using sublime materials and technology that aim to enchant your senses. The following is an outlined and precise, detailed description of the components SOUNDWHERE uses to generate such beautiful sound emanating from an even more exquisite source. Contact us at Skema, Inc. to find out about our audio furniture and what we can do for you.

Collaboration and Vision

All our collaborators, technicians, and artisans work tirelessly always to achieve success and reflect our vision of developing home and commercial theatre furniture products that soothe the vision of our clients everywhere. If you are interested in collaborating, exporting, or being part of our great team, contact us right now. Don't wait any longer to achieve success in transmitting sensations through breathtaking furniture.